Pullman Vung Tau - Luxury hotel - Moon cake 2018

Moon cake 2018


Mid-Autumn festival, the most awaiting Vietnamese traditional event is approaching. Time for flashback memories to childhood and unforgettable bonding moments: the moon, the lantern light, the unforgettable taste of moon cake… This year, Pullman brings the modern twist to traditional moon cakes with elegant design and vibrant flavors of pure lotus single yolk, strawberry, chocolate, red bean, a perfect gift to your loved one.

Inspired from the image of the old village with banyan trees and bamboos, Pullman Moon Cake Box portrays our ambition to remind the Vietnamese people of a traditional Mid-Autumn festival. The shadow of the trees portrayed on black background combined with silver logo and laser cut pattern makes it an elegant gift for this special occasion of reunion.

Pure lotus single yolk

The iconic and traditional flavor; filled with sweet lotus seeds paste lightly in sugar, rich egg yolk, and baked to the golden brown perfection.

Red Bean

Let’s indulge in the rich and luscious red bean-filled moon cake. Mixed with watermelon seeds and nuts in light sugar. It turns any tea time a good time.

Lava Strawberry

An extraordinary combination between the tasteful flavor of strawberry and the innovative steamed skin. It’s fantastic to sweeten your day.

Lava chocolate

Crafted with premium chocolate for a unique experience of the star moon cake of any reunion time.

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