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Artist Playground
30 October 2018

Artist Playground by Pullman, launched by Pullman Hotels & Resorts in 2016, is an important component of the brand DNA aiming at a new generation of travelers who are living embodiment of its “Our World Is Your Playground” philosophy, where a hotel is not just a place to sleep and eat but also a stimulating and inspiring environment for local community and travellers in town in which connected with modern life and society.

A true and dedicated art corner installed in different parts of the hotel, enable local artists and designers to exhibit and showcase their works to guests, visitors and local alike.

On 18th May 2018, Pullman Vung Tau is proud to launch its first Artist Playground exhibition that displays the works of Swiss photographer Stephane Bahler. This series of pictures named “All is One” represent his daily vision inspired by the life in Vietnam. Stephane captured those simply beauty moments of life that catch his attention with the strong scenes of emotion without any stilted. This collection represents the freedom of the spirit without boundaries which brings positive emotions to the audience. Those frames will be presented by triptych to show the connection of everything following the Buddhism and scientism theory as everything around us connects with each other.

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