Pullman Vung Tau - Luxury hotel - Vietnamese Pork Belly & "Xôi Vò" Croquette

Vietnamese Pork Belly & "Xôi Vò" Croquette

The Perfect Combination

From 01/10/2019 until 31/10/2019

“Xôi Vò” croquette is shaped then deep-fried until golden brown. The combination of a sticky & soft inside but crunchy outside and Vietnamese pork belly with Kimchi ketchup will create a delicious dish you can enjoy anytime of the day. Come to taste Vietnamese dish transformed in Vanguardist cuisine, tender pork belly mixed with all the traditional flavours of the country in October.

Available at Riviera Restaurant & Lobby Lounge.

For reservations +84 (0) 254 355 1777 / Dine@pullmanvungtau.com

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